Carrie Underwood Hair Pics

    If I could have anyone's hair, I would take Carrie Underwood's. She has great Southern Belle hair! It's the perfect shade of blonde (at least I think so!) and her hair always has killer volume.

    I'm using this style below as inspiration for my wedding hair! Love!

    Carrie Underwood's Amazing Long Hairstyles

    Carrie Underwood is a celebrity that needs no further introduction. She is a public figure and tens of thousands of eyes observe and admire her every time she makes an appearance. Needless to say, her fashion and style is one that is idolized and many have been trying to get the same look; including that of her hairstyle.
    Carrie Underwood's Lovely Long Hair

    As a celebrity, Carrie Underwood changes her hairstyles from time to time. However, having said that, she looks exceptionally good in several hairstyles. The one that comes to mind is her long and wavy hairstyle. This particular hairstyle is parted at the side and is slightly below the shoulders. It is curled at the hair tips to great effects.
    Carrie Underwood's Long Wavy Hair

    The next Carrie Underwood long hairstyle is the long straight with side-swept bangs. She looks stunning and captivating in this hairstyle. You can easily wear this hairstyle as it would suit almost any face shape etc.
    Carrie Underwood's Lovely Hair

    Now that I think of it, she has been seen with almost every kind of hairstyle there is; from long straight to long wavy to long curly. Simply put, she looks good in almost any hairstyle. I think she has her hairstylist to thank for this but it is not without saying that you cannot achieve her looks.
    Carrie Underwood's Long Layered Hair

    If you are interested in a specific Carrie Underwood long hairstyle, simply find the image of it and print it out. Bring it along to show your hairdresser on your next visit. Be sure to ask for his/her opinion if that particular hairstyle would suit you and your face shape.
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