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    She's only been around for a few years yet Rihanna's had more hair do's than I've had umm hair do's.

    Let's have a look through her ever changing bonce.

    First up we had the young Rihanna, signed to Jay Z's label and releasing "Pon De Replay" looking like, let's be honest, every other singer out there. Long hair, toned body and lipglossed up.

    Then she got a little bit shorter and sexier, an A-symmetrical bob marked the release of "Shut up and Drive" & "Don't Stop the Music" from the album "Good Girl Gone Bad"

    When "Umbrella" came out, Rihanna hit the big time. She's stunning, and the 30/40's inspired bob looked styled and sophiscated.

    There were fringes being cut in, differing lengths of the bob style - even a mushroom cut looks cute on her.

    To prove short hair is anything but boring, she's tried flashes of different colours. Blondes, then most recently Red. I'm not keen on the harsh bright colours in her hair, she is naturally pretty so I think this adds a harshness. I do love the honey caramel colours though, much better than the harsh bleached look.

    Styling short hair doesn't mean one style that's your lot, she's quiffed it, curled it, swept it over onto different sides - the list is endless. Rihanna is lucky to have the right face shape and colouring to pull of these looks.

    The hair and styling has slowly got shorter and sharper, it's made way for a sexier Rihanna to emerge, and gives her a slight Grace Jones feel. She has become a hairspiration for girls who want short hair but don't see many celebs without the huge mane of hair. Looking through this hair history you can see that Rihanna is brave and not afraid of change - it gives her an air of confidence and I think she looks fab for the majority. And anyone who can rock their natural hair and look gorgeous is onto a winner in my eyes.

    What's your favourite Rihanna style? And who's next for the hair history treatment?

    Rihanna’s Short Hairstyle

    Rhianna is one of the most famous R&B artists in the world. Her music has taken the industry by storm and, now, so has her hair. The star has recently been seen sporting a unique variation on the pixie cut.

    © Janet Mayer / PR Photos

    While such a short ‘do would not work for everyone, it seems to suit the young, hip star perfectly. The long bangs and cropped back show off her stunning facial features and highlight the angles of her jaw line. The style also balances out her high forehead and draw attention to her stunning eyes, which sexily peek out from around the bangs.

    © Kevin Terrell / PR Photos

    While short hair may seem inflexibly, Rhianna has shown her ‘do to be quite versatile. Her cut is layered and razored to look especially edgy and lively. However, she can style it to be sleek and elegant for formal events. She also uses her makeup and accessories to play off her hair and create the look she wants.

    © Janet Mayer / PR Photos

    Ultimately, the new look makes Rhianna look mature and confident. It shows she is comfortable in her own skin and willing to make a statement even if it seems a bit risky.

    © Robin Wong / PR Photos

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