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    Avril lavigne biography

    Avril Ramona Lavigne Whibley, or who is popularly known as Avril was born in Belleville, Ontario, Canada, September 27, 1984. He is a Canadian pop singer who has scored the best record album sales, as well as songwriter by the age of the youngest women.

    Avril has released an album, Let Go (2001-2003), Under My Skin (2004-2006), and The Best Damn Thing (2007-Present).

    Being a movie star ever the Teenage Witch, Going the Distance, Fast Food Nation and The Flock.

    Tomboy girls often wear a tie once the male.

    avril lavigne carrer

    Since Young} {Success

    Avril Lavigne is a talented Canadian singer who began his musical career in a very young age, 14 years old. He won a singing contest songs Shania Twain, a native Canadian singer. It happened in 1998.

    Then two years later, when she was approaching 16 years, Avril given the opportunity by an artist as well as Canadian journalist named Ken Kongrad, for skill performance in front of a record producer, Peter Zizzo in New York, USA.Avril Lavigne managed to make the producer fell in love with her voice, and immediately signed a contract for the manufacture of its first album.

    {First Album}

    Avril Lavigne's first album titled Let Go, in 2002, a huge success in the market and carries his name aligned with other world famous singers. Sold more than 19 million copies, the album makes Avril suddenly rich.

    Avril lavigne second album thrown into the market two years later, in 2004. The album sold nearly matching his first album, which is 12 million copies worldwide. The title was Under My Skin. Total all albums are created successfully by Avril is 3 pieces. However, like many other singers, Avril also spawned a single album, as many as 7 pieces.

    Avril lavigne is also believed to create soundtracks for several Hollywood films such as Alice In Wonderland and Eragon. His songs are rock-punk jolted because it makes people so very different from the appearance of sweet although a little tomboyish.

    Winding {Love Story}

    Avril Lavigne did have the perfect career. However, the journey not the case with his love. He is married to Deryck Whibley in 2006, but at the end of 2010 and he later divorced.

    Avril lavigne in her first marriage was not blessed with a baby. Not to count months, he reportedly is in a relationship of love with a man named Broody Jenner.However, the news circulated that her ex-husband is still often communicate with Lavigne and make it trapped in a second love.

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