Minka kelly Hair 2011

    Minka Kelly is gorgeous.
    And she has a rockin' fashion sense. I love her boho style and the way she accessorizes.

    Let's just take a moment to admire her hair, shall we? How is it even possible to have hair that looks like that?

    Adore the boyfriend jeans paired with wedge sandals. Check out her gold necklace, cute stacked bracelets, and watch. Love.

    Who can pull this look off? Not me, but I love it on her! There's that gold necklace again too!

    Bohemian goes sexy with this dress.

    A floral dress with boots gets me every time!

    ~Have a beautiful Friday, girls!

    American Actress Minka Kelly

    Full Name : Minka Dumont Kelly

    Gender : Female

    Date of Birth : 24th of June 1980

    Place of Birth : Los Angeles, California,United States

    Occupation : Actress

    Nationality : United States

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